Pai Gow Poker
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Pai Gow Poker

The Pai Gow Poker game blends the early Chinese game of Pai Gow with modern Poker. The game uses a whole deck of cards along with a joker. Here, the joker serves as a wild card that a player can employ to finish a straight, flush or straight flush. While in other circumstances, the joker serves only as an ace.

Pai Gow Poker Rules:

Pai Gow Poker game usually consists of seven players. The objective of the game is that, a player has to make two poker hands, so that he or she can beat the hands of dealer. The player has to deal with seven cards, of which he/she tries to make two categories i.e. a 5-card hand (high-hand) and a 2-card hand (low-hand). Here, the hands are ranked and played as similar to the traditional poker hands. Hence, the highest 5-card hand is probably a Royal Flush and the highest 2-card hand is Ace.

This is very crucial in Pai Gow poker game. The 5-card hand has to be higher than 2-card game. For instance, if the 2-card hand has a duo of sevens, then the 5-card hand has to consist at least a duo of more than eights. If a player sets his/her hands in order than the 2-card hand becomes higher than the 5-card hand, then that player ultimately loses the game.

On the other hand, if you win one hand, but lose the other, then this case is thought to be a Tie (push). In Tie hands, there will be no hand exchange of money. Winning hands bring awesome profit, while losing hands certainly makes you lose all the wagered currency. The one important feature in Pai Gow poker game is that, if your hand and the hand of dealer seem to be producing similar values, the outcome is certainly not a Tie. In this case, the dealer might win the bet.

Below discussed is a short description as how to play Pai Gow poker game effectively:

1. Place a bet only in the Bet circle (in the mid of the table). Usually, the limits of the table are $300 maximum and $2 minimum each game.
2. Click 'Deal'.
3. Place your hads by moving 2-card hands to the next highest point and then click 'Done'. Or else, you can also click on the option 'House Way', which will arrange the hand for you.
4. By clicking the 'Done' option, you come to know the dealer's hand and accordingly the stakes will be determined.
5. Click on "New Game" to start a new game.

Pay offs:

Each time when a player wins a hand, he or she receives a winning amount of which 5% is deduced as commission. However, casinos do not collect commission on Ties or losing hands. Thus, a $10 winning bet will fetch you $20.

It is your responsibility of players to make sure that the 5-card hand has a high ranking than the 2-card hand. If the 2-card hand becomes higher, then it is considered as Foul and you will eventually lose all your stakes.

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