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Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

The Caribbean Stud Poker game has an integrated house edge of 5.26%, so for each $100 bet, you are likely to lose $5.26. Below discussed are some of the simple and sound strategies that minimize the house edge to a greater level, and at the same time help you to control over your bankroll fluctuation.

The most crucial decision that a player encounters is whether he or she needs to raise or fold his or her bet once the cards are being dealt. There are four feasible outcomes resulting from this critical decision.

1. You may lose and fold all your ante bets.
2. You may raise or win only the ante bets, since the dealer is disqualified.
3. You may raise or win both your ante as well as raise bets, as the dealer is qualified and your hand beats the hand of the dealer.
4. You may raise or lose both ante as well as raise bet, as the dealer is qualified and hand of the dealer may beat your hand.

It is crucial that players always have to play all pairs, irrespective of the face up cards of the dealer. Pairs are normally dealt out more than 42% times in this poker game. Of the 13 possible hands, 7 have positive expectation, which means you win more often than you lose in the end. Next, 3 of them have positive expectations, when the face up card of the dealer is equivalent or less than the pair of player. Finally, there are three pairs (2's, 3's and 4's), which you are more likely to lose in the end. Hence, 10 amongst 13 possible pairs need to show a profit and not just 3. So, just avoid playing with these small pairs. If you fold these pairs and forfeit your ante bet, the house edge may rise up to 7%.

Never try to lay a wager on a weak hand. This is because the probabilities here are not in favor, so you could even lose all your bet. If you try to place a bet on a weak hand, that means you are placing a bet on the trader, who has a strong hand. Of course, a strong hand always has more possibilities of winning not only the Caribbean Stud Poker game, but also other casino poker games. So, try to fold when you have less than a King or an Ace.

Always remember that in Caribbean stud poker, you deal with the dealer and not with players around. In addition, the house edge will be 2.5%.

Below mentioned are certain basic Caribbean Stud Poker strategies that you may consider to boost your chances of winning:

1. Avoid bluffing, instead try to fold whenever you possess a null hand.
2. Try placing bets always with a better or pair.
3. Place your bet, if one from your remaining three cards of an Ace-King hand matches with the dealer's hand.
4. Next, always pair Ace-King with a 3, 8, or a Jack.
5. Finally, avoid betting on any jackpot wagers.

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