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Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is an online poker game played on the blackjack table with a deck of 52 cards. A computerized shuffling machine usually deals the cards in a group of 5-card hands. Here, you will have to beat the dealer's hand with the best poker hand. The game involves easy-to-understand rules, strategies as well as probabilities, so you do not have to be a genius for playing and winning Caribbean Stud Poker.

Caribbean Stud Poker Rules:

Before the cards are being dealt, you need to place a wager on the Ante box in the layout of the table. You can bet any amount on this bet, but it should be within the limits cited on the table. With every hand, you can also bet on the optional progressive jackpot. To bet on this, you must place a chip worth $1.00 in the slot present on the table. When all the players, who bet on the jackpot, have their wagers down, the dealer will press a button, which drops all the $1.00 chips through the slots for accumulation. When the chip drops, the lights of slot fixture activates and remains illuminated until the dealer shows that you hit the jackpot bet.

Next, the dealer gives 5-face down cards to all players. You then have to look at your own card and determine whether to fold or play. You may lose your ante bet, if you go for fold, and if you want to play, then you can place double of your ante bet in the special BET box. Once all the players check their hands, the dealer shows his or her four whole cards and if the hand appears to be an Ace with a higher hand or King, then dealer qualifies for contending with other players. If the dealer seems to be unqualified, then he or she has to pay the even money that you have placed on your ante bets.

If there is a "Push" or tie, the dealer will compare his or her hand with each hand of the player. If the dealer's hand appears to be higher, you tend to lose both the call as well as ante bets. On the other hand, if your hand is higher than the hand of dealer, you will win even money on your ante bet as well as some bonus amount.

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