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Video Poker

Video Poker machines were first introduced in the casinos of Las Vegas and since then they have continued to remain as favorites among poker players all over the world. Video Poker is a simple game to play. You need to first draw five cards and then, play one hand or more. If you manage to draw a winning hand, you win the game.

However, before trying to understand the method of playing Video Poker, it is beneficial to learn the values of a standard poker hand.

These days, there are many types of Video Poker games available. Some variations introduce wild cards or jokers, while others consist of playing several games at once. Jacks or Better Video Poker is the most popular game. Here, a hand consisting of a Jacks or better pair is the winning hand.

The Basic Strategy of Video Poker:

You need to play strategically, as video poker machine games actually give odds in the favor of players. The first step for a beneficial strategy is selecting a good Video Poker machine. Make it a point to select those machines that pay out 6-1 in the case of a flush and 800-1 if you get a Royal Flush.

This strategy has to be mainly followed while playing the game of Jacks or Better.
The options displayed below are graded from 17 (the worst hand) to 1 (the best hand):
  • Nothing - Take an extra of five cards
  • One high card - Take four extra cards
  • Suited 10/K, 10/Q or 10/J - Draw three extra cards
  • Two high, unsuited cards - Take three cards
  • Three from a straight flush - Draw two extra cards
  • Two high, unsuited cards - Take three cards
  • Open straight draw - Take one card
  • Low pair - Draw three extra cards
  • Four suited - Draw one extra card
  • Three from a Royal Flush - Take two extra cards
  • A high pair - Take three cards
  • Two pair - Take one card
  • Four from a straight flush - Take one card
  • Three of the same kind - Take two extra cards
  • Full house, straight flush - Do not draw any card
  • Four from a Royal Flush - Take one card
  • Royal flush, straight flush, four of the same kind - Do not draw any card
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