Three Card Poker
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Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker is also termed as Tri poker or Tricard. There are only a few of the card games that lure everyone and Three Card Poker game is one such game. Players usually get attracted because of the good returns offered by the game. However, the Three Card Poker casino is a perfect blend of amazing bonuses and unlimited fun.

On the global platform for poker based online casino games, Three Card Poker has earned tremendous popularity. The Three Card Poker usually comprises of two individual games named "ante-and-play" and "pairs plus". If you wish to play Three Card Poker, then you can either opt for both the games or you can play any one of those.

As a fresher or beginner, it is advisable to begin with Pair-Plus poker, as it is simple. In Pair-Plus poker game, you just have to make identical groups from the given three cards and likewise you will win the game. However, by getting a straight flush poker hand, you can effortlessly win with a payout of 40-to-1. Usually, all the poker hands such as flushes, straights, straight flushes and 3 of a kind disburse with effective odds.

If you are not comfortable with the above poker hands and wish to challenge your skills, you then need to play Ante-and-Play. It is an exclusive three card game, where you need to raise the bet and accordingly challenge your dealer. In Ante-and-Play poker, you do not have to make pairs to win the game.

In fact, you just need to score more than your dealer, while the best hands in poker disburse with decent odds. Unlike other games of poker that are exclusively played online, always remember that with just three card games, a straight wins over a flush. This is because fewer cards make it easier for you to win a flush rather than the straight. However, if you are confident over your hands, you can opt for both the poker games and double your chances to win and double your excitement.

Strategy for Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker aims to escalate Q/6/4 or even better. The strategy is that if you have queen as your ace card, while your second ace card has a value higher than 6, then it's better to raise. However, if you have 6 as your next best card, then accordingly you need to raise if you have a third card which should either be 4 or a 5.

In addition, try raising Q/6/4 and or even higher. This is because, by raising Q/6/3, you can lose 1.0026 of chips. However, if you try raising Q/6/4, the loss that is expected is 0.9933 of chips.

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